IT Services

In this day and age we rely on our IT systems to run smoothly and efficiently so that your business can grow.  Generally small and medium sized business do not have a full time IT team dedicated to making sure their IT systems are running efficiently.  Some questions you may want to consider:

  • Is your IT infrastructure lagging behind your business needs?
  • Are you getting increasingly frustrated with slow PC’s that seem to have a mind of their own?
  • Can you count on your backup strategy to restore you valuable information when a hardware failure occurs?
  • Do you call interstate or overseas?  Would you like to know how to leverage the internet to make voice calls at a greatly reduced cost than using conventional telephone services?

These are just a few issues that are vital to the health of your IT systems.  At Cyberone Systems we can provide you with the answers to these questions and make sure your IT systems are running as efficient as possible. 

PC / Server Support

We can provide support for your entire IT infrastructure, weather you have only a few desktop PC’s or a large network of Servers and workstations.


IT Systems Support

We can provide support for your entire IT infrastructure, weather you have only a few desktop PC’s or a large network of Servers and workstations.  We can also provide support for printers, routers, switches and most other peripherals.  If we can not directly repair a piece of hardware we generally have a partner that can.  We can manage the process for you seamlessly and if parts need to be taken away for repair have them back to your business as soon as possible. 

With a combination of onsite support complimented with remote support we resolve support requests as quick as possible.  We also give you a guarantee that we will respond to your calls within four hours of a request being raised.

Network Optimisation

The backbone of your IT infrastructure is your network.  Having a fast and reliable network will greatly reduce the time to transfer files from workstations and servers, downloading / uploading files from the internet and generally sending data to other peripherals, for example;  printers and scanners.  Having the right hardware for your sized network can make the difference between a slow and unstable network and a fast reliable network.  We only use brand name products for our network equipment such as Cisco, Netgear and Linksys.  We customise your network to your size and don’t just sell you the most expensive item.  As you grow so will your network requirements.


When was the last time you checked the health of your backups?  A common scenario is that you swap backup tapes / drives on a daily basis, take them off site at regular intervals and generally replace them every so often.  These are all great techniques to a reliable backup solution, however, when was the last time you checked if you were actually backing up?  It is vital that you check the data on your backup media.  This will ensure that the backup application is actually writing data to the media and that you are able to restore data from the media in case of an emergency.

Depending on the amount of data and applications that you require to be backed up, we would customise a solution for you that will:

  • Be easy to maintain on a daily basis
  • Provide you with notifications on the status of the backup at regular intervals
  • Allow test restores to verify the backups are healthy
  • Give you peace of mind that your data is protected
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